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Oh dear....

I am not an expert, but I found better success soing back to soups and calorie free liquids (Crystal lite for me). I'm getting full after a third of my old quantity.

If you read an earlier post I wrote about my fill experience, a colleague I met at the fill center said she had been getting fills for a year and had lost only 11 pounds, compared to 70 pounds by her best friend, banded the same day as she was. Perhaps you need to visit your fill representative, to see if there is anything atypical about your fill?

If nothing else, call Tijuana. Good luck, and keep us informed.


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Its tough, I was just at a point were I couldn't loose, left for a week and got back on the scale and had lost 6 pounds. I know I didn't loose 6 pounds in a week - it most likely was a combination of a few weeks and it just dropped off at once.

For me to loose I have to make sure that I am trying to only eat 3 times per day and I start small, just a tablespoon of each, protein, veggies, fruits, carbs - chew - chew – chew, after each fill I have get to know my limit and I try real hard not to PB. A. because I hate it and B. you want to try and track your calories and it’s hard if they are coming back up!

Watch if you are drinking juice and such – I stay away from hard to track calories!

Good luck, this does happen but you’ll start loosing soon!

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Hey there.....been there done that, have a t-shirt!!!!!

It was not until my third fill, did I start losing, of course that is my story. Stay calm, no matter what we are banded..... and we are coming out swingin, IF WE HAVE TO cause this will work for all of us! (LOLOLO)

Your band holds 4 cc right and your fill is 1.3 ok, give it someome time, fills can be tricky, so stay focus and by all means DON'T PANIC!


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Before you get frustrated, re-evaluate everything that's in your control.

Calorie intake: Are you staying within the 800-1200 range? Are you having liquid calories?

How are you eating: Are you snacking between meals? Are you eating your protein first? Are you waiting 30 minutes before/after a meal to drink?

Multi-Vitamin: Are you taking one?

Exercise: Are you getting at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day?

It could be what you're eating or how you are eating it that has lessened your weight loss. There are tons of factors when it comes to the band and losing weight. So before you start feeling that this is out of your control. Look at everything that is in your control. Maybe there could be a minor adjustment made that can trigger your weight loss again!

Have you bought Dr Ortiz's book? When I can't find the answers I am looking for, I sometimes grab the book and read the section of my concern. He puts ease to the situation, and really makes me rest at ease since what I am reading is actually coming from MY/OUR DOCTOR! I hope this helps you a little bit, I can imagine how frustrating it might be!

Good luck and keep us posted!


THANKS!!! Excellent suggestion, going to reread parts of Dr O's book. I am eating between meals, I get hungry most likely from not getting enough down when I do eat. I think I am starting to get anxious when I eat, so I get stuck then slime and PB. vicious cycle!!!!

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