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Rolling Thunder Weekend

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Well sorry i haven't blogged all weekend I was very busy with Rolling Thunder and the POW/MIA Advocacy. I don't do the parade because we are much to busy taking care of POW/MIA issue's but I am always parked on the curb at 20th and 21st street when the parade starts. We did get some things accomplished as far as bringing missing soldiers home after they have been gone for 30-35 years maybe more depending on the war they were in due to the government again dragging their a_ _es as usual. My eating wasn't the most weight conscious eating hot dogs and all the trimmings at the 5 meetings I attended so i'll just have to make it up. The 8am motorcycle ride to the wall was awesome and nice for 12 people in my group, or should I say peaceful. I again dropped off a rose for my cousin who's name is on the wall which I have done for past 19 years and the bush that I grow them from is called Veteran's Honor and it always manages to give me that one early rose for this reason, and this years cut was exceptionally beautiful ( sounds funny coming from a biker huh ). But all in all it was a great weekend, and lest we not forget our veteran's, POW/MIA's and those who are still serving or has lost their lives to protect our freedom because when I came back home from Nam there was no welcome home for us and Rolling Thunder is our welcome home to ourselves, the fallen, POW's/MIA's so when you see a vet please welcome them home from whatever war they fought in or was a part of. I met an ole fella in a store this weekend and he was part of the Black Horse Squadron and I welcome'd him home and he looked at me and I could tell his eyes were welling up with tears and he said that it was the first time anyone has welcomed him home, so that made me feel good as he also welcomed me home.

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I so greatly respect what you are doing...my dad was navy in the Korean war, my husband was army in the Viet Nam war, and my son-in-law is army in Iraq until December. I am glad that there are those of you who take care of the vets and the mia. You have my gratitude and deepest appreciation for your service to our country.

God bless the USA.

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