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Got Banded!

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I'm a little tender but can walk around just fine. I am staying here at the clinic i'm still feeling a little tired and want to lood at that DirectTV :rolleyes:

When I met with Dr. Ortiz he was great. Very down to earth and honest. We had a nice chat about me being overweight since childhood, and how I want this band to help me control the amount of food I eat.

It was a very smooth and trouble free.

I also did the bus thing in San Diego for three days and it was pretty easy to get around. Got lots,lots,lots of shopping done.

For those worring please don't, you are treated with such respect and professionalism.


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OOPS :wacko:

I jsut noticed that I posted this under deparis log in signature. I didn't even noticed that I had not officicially logged on.

Sorry for the confusion, I'm blaming it on the drugs :lb12:


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