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Got my first fill!

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On Monday at the OCC. I have to VG band so I got 3.8 cc's. So far so good.

I'm sitting here right now trying my first food. Flounder and green beans and tomatoes. My food is on a small dessert plate, and I am eating protein first and veggies next. I'm chewing and chewing and chewing.

Hmmmmmmmmm fish doesn't taste so good when it is liquid!

Could have started food yesterday but decided to wait until today. I was scared I would have those vomitting episodes I had right after surgery so I wanted to be home for my first meal and not at work.

Had a great time at the OCC as usual. Got Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Romero to sign my book Met some nice people waiting for their surgery but don't know any names except LeahLove. HOW ARE YOU LEAHLOVE????

Crissicles - you were in the back by the time I got there, and I am sorry I didn't get to see you. Hope everything went well for you all!!

Dr. Romero said he figured I would be back within a month or 2 for my second fill but then that should be good for me for a while. HE said they didn't like to overdo your first fill since your body is still adjusting to the band.

At weighed myself this morning and at least now I am back down to my pre-eating weight. I had gained a few pounds back before I got my fill so I was upset about that.

Darn, even fish is hard to chew down to liquid! Plus, I got 4 of my cats sitting here begging for a taste!

Ok 9 minutes down and about 6 bites and not full. But my oldest cat is on her 3rd bite and still begging for more, LOL!! Uh Oh here comes NiNi and Johnny, they want in on the action.

So, ok, I had a nice time in Mexico. My husband and mom and neice came with me and we got to see a lot of things. I'll have to post some pictures of my neice, she was such a hit there. She had people come up to her off the street asking her if she was a movie star.

Went to Revolution Avenue and WOWZA was it ever different than it was back on Easter when I was banded. It was crazy! The whole town was out and about. Much more going on and much more people there this time. The Mexican donkeys' were on every street corner. My necie went into a Farmacia and bought a bag of apples and went up and down the street feeding the donkeys an apple. It was so cute.

Can this slight feeling of pressure in my chest mean I am full? I don't feel full but I think I am done. 14 minutes and all I had was the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of fish. I guess I will stop.

Wow, the cats are going to be lucky tonight.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to say...............

The needle didn't hurt at all. I won't lie, I did feel it, but it wasn't pain, I SWEAR!

But, when he injected the saline, I could feel it travel up to my chest and arounbd the band and that did feel weird. Not pain, but pressure. A tiny burning sensation. Honestly, NOT pain, just athat I did feel it. It was weird. But I never had any kind of surgery done on me so this is all new to me. The most I ever had was tonsils out and a D&C so I am a surgeryvirgin.

Anyway, it was cool, and YES I definitely feel pressure in my pouch now so it was good I stopped.

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I am so glad that you got a good fill!

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Great experience. Love the cats!! Keep us posted!

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I have been waiting to hear how things went with your fill. So glad you are doing well. I will be going for my second in a week or two. I only lost 4 pounds since my fill on May 3rd, but a loss is a loss. I couldn't believe it but I had to buy some new pants. I was able to go to K-Mart and buy them in the Womens section. I use to have to go on line to find clothes big enough. Having the band is so great. Keep us posted on your progress, miss hearing from you.

My cats love it when I have salmon, which is once a week. Cod and pollock not so much. :rolleyes:

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Hi Bobbi!!!!!!!!!!! How are you? So glad to hear from you. I thought of you often when I was back down in Tijuana. How is your husband? Kids? Kitties?

Unfortunately, a few hours after I posted this, I went to the fridge, and finished my plate with no pain or restriction at all. Later, I had 3 slim fast bars with no problem either! I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF! And frustrated. I think I need a second third and fourth fill right now!

I almost feel like going back on my liquid diet. That seemed easier to deal with.

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I'm terrified of getting my first fill... glad you posted your experience. :-)

OOooh BeBe.. don't be terrified.. it is a big nothing. Your tetnus shot hurt 10 more than this will

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><' MONA ><'

Happy to hear you & family had a great time in TJ for your fill. I am ready for my 2nd fill and am having it here in Portland on Monday 6/2.. I will be sure to post and let you know how many cc's I got. I still cannot eat bread and just today I tried rice and that wasn't so good either BUT while I can't eat certain foods I can eat HUGE quantaties of all the other food. My body definitely tells me when I'm full but I can eat eat eat b/4 I get to that point. Keep us posted please.


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