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How did everyone decide where they want to be? When I met with Dr. Miranda, I asked her about where I should set my goal. She could only offer what a "healthy" weight would be based on my height. OK, personal preference.. I get it.

Recently I've had people ask me where I'm going to stop loosing and start maintaining... but I don't know. I've always been a big girl, so I'm not sure where I'll be happy. For short term I've decided that:

1) I want to weigh less than my husband. 180.. 32 pounds to go

2) Be less than what my drivers license says. 180... 32 to go (I've NEVER changed this, so 180 when I was 16..YIKES!!!)

3) I want to loose 100 pounds by my 1 year bandiversary. 195... 17 to go by 8/20/08

4) I want to be less "Fluffy" (especially in my gut/spare tire area)

That's all I've got. So what made you (or how did you) choose your ending goal weight?

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Hi Amber,

I've been over weight most of my life, but I did get down to aroung 145 [for a short time] and was pretty comfortable there. That's what I'm shooting for right now and I'll decide from there if I want to lose a little more. How tall are you? I'm 5' 5.5" and I'm "big boned". I'm not tiny framed, my hip bones are huge [must be child baring hips! :lol2: ] I don't want my bones to be sticking out, I never wanted to look like those walking-bone models [thank God!] You'll know when you're happy where you're at, I guess it's that saying "comfortable in your own skin". By the way, AWESOME job on your weight loss!! :yes:


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When I was filling out my pre-surgical consult forms, I put down my goal weight at 140 lbs. I am 5 feet tall, so my ideal is between 110-125 lbs, however I am also 45 years old and getting down that low may not be possible, let alone healthy. The surgeon said 140 lbs was even low...and I told him I would be happy with 150 lbs...but I will still shoot for 140 lbs.

At 150 lbs my thigh don't rub together, so when I get there I will know!!! LOL!!

Best of luck everyone!


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Well, according to the BMI charts at 5'5" my normal weight is 112 to 150. 112? I don't think so! I don't think I've weighed 112 since I was in fifth grade. I got down to 132 before getting pregnant the first time, and I think that was a younger perfect weight for me, but now it's not either attainable or desirable.

My doctor told me that since I had been overweight my entire life my bones were heavier than normal and 150 would be a great weight at my age. Now that I'm getting closer to that goal, I think 145 would be fine. I really don't see trying to get any less, especially since I probably have 10 lb of excess skin hanging off me at this point.

Some people pick a size rather than a weight. Would you feel super in a size 12? A size 14? A size 8?

However, as you get closer to those sizes you may find that your goal changes. I think your body will let you know when you have reached the best weight. I like to set small, very attainable goals of 5 lb at a time; then I feel very proud and virtuous when I reach them, which gives me more encouragement. Why set a goal of 135 and feel like a failure when I only get to 140?

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