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First Fill in Roswell GA

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Yep, I did it ;) On Saturday, I got my first fill at the Fill Center in Roswell Ga.

Like Cindy and Misty already stated ... Darlene the NP who does the fills in Roswell and Moultrie GA is just wonderful !!

It was really cool to see my "bandito" for the first time and DH and I were both fascinated by the fluoro and seeing everything ...

First, I had to drink the barium to see how it goes through without any fill and then she "loaded" me with 2.0 cc. I had some more barium .. which... backed up right away. I heard a "gurgeling" sound and the feeling like when you fill up a bottle with water and it is about to run over, so she tried 1.9cc and it went slowly through the band.

She did that procedure one more time with 2.0 cc to make sure ... but again it was too much ...

Darlene took the itsy bitsy 0.1 cc back out and just said "This is it" and smiled.

After that she asked me to stay for another 15-20 min having some more water to be on the safe side.

It did not hurt at all, it was not even uncomfortable and I am just a happy camper :D

I am still on liquids (with restriction), so I have to wait and see how the fill works when I'm back on solids :)

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WTG =D> Im glad you had a good fill at the center. After my surgery I plan on using the one in Thorthon Co. They say the Barium taste nasty is that true.

Thank you Denise! i really hope that it is a good one ;)

About the barium ... I would not say that it tastes nasty at all - but not my favorite either. Maybe there are different kinds ??

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Yay Ute ;)

Hope your fill is great!

Can you send me a private message and let me know how much total your first visit was, I'm trying to get a number of how much I will have to pay for a first visit, fill and fluro. Thanks!

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