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Fill #2

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I can NOT believe that I am getting my SECOND fill already! I feel like yesterday I was talking to the OCC thinking.. "this is just too good to be true, this isnt real"...but here I am (about) 40lbs down *i say about because Ive been away from my scale for a week and a half...so Im hoping to have hit the -40!* I have restriction now, but its weakened over the last few weeks. I am hoping to hit my sweet spot this time, and I think its possible. I eat about 1/2 of what I did before..sometimes less and sometimes more but mostly 1/2...so if I can just get to 1/3 like Dr. Ortiz hopes for then Ill be good!!!!!!

Well the big day is Friday! I will keep everyone posted

For all you floridians: I got to the fill center in ST.PETE (not tampa) Kathie is amazing! ><'

talk to you all soon! Hopefully this week flys by and Im at -50 by the end of the month..well at least by around july 15th

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Did i REALLY just say NEGATIVE 50lbs (by july)!?!?! REALLY???!! i have almost lost 50lbs! That is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!! =D> :D:(( It still feels just so surreal to me! :D and that would put me at 50lbs in 4 months if i can get 50 off by 7/14!!!!!! Im happy reguardless!

*i will know my weightloss on wednesday morning! i cant wait!!!!!

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Wow! You're my hero, Ferris Buehler!.. er.. Mackenzie! Good job and congrats!

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