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Never did the liquid diet

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I had my procediure done about 6 weeks ago. Although not proud of this, I am a non complient patient. I came home and ate as usual, felt no restriction and still lost a little weight. Now I realy want to lose the weight. I have been ajusted twice and the last time they put 5 cc of saline. I finally feel a little restriction!!!!!!!

I would love some advice and some weight loss buddies

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Hey Claudia,

If you did a flouro fill they can tell if you stretched your pouch. And normally the way to get it back to size is...... to go on a liquid diet for a few days! (Sorry)! But if they didn't see a problem during your fill you're most likely fine! (let your doctor know what you did so he can take a look).

Just get back on the wagon (or on it for the first time) and start following the program. It’s really not that hard. Listen to your body; it really does know what we need to be healthy and you can tell, once you start feeding it the right things you wont crave the bad. And what the band really does is make it so we're not soooo hungry so we can make right food decisions, and I'm not talking about that emotional hunger - I'm talking about the true one.

Focus on trying to eat your protein first, followed by veggies, fruits and then your carbs. Get yourself in the habit and know its going to be just a little bit difficult the first few months – but you can do it! Remember small amounts!! Drink lots of water throughout your day (but not at meals) and throw in some flavored no calorie powered mix if needed.

Take care, you’ll do great and don’t beat yourself up too much! You're going to make another mistake - I make them all the time but have survived!



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