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Statements for Success


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Statements for Success…..

Once you get the band your not home free…It’s the home stretch!

Same Band, same surgical group and same follow-up…Why do some patients fail while others succeed?

During the first two months, before your first fill, the presence of the band just hanging around your stomach will keep you from feeling too hungry. This means you and the band will work as a team. It offers you a chance at eating less and not feeling the extreme hunger you are used to when you were doing this all alone.

The band is a tool.

First three weeks (liquid phase): It will help you feel less hunger. Do liquids, just liquids…vary them. You don’t need the protein of constant shakes or high calorie liquids. Don’t do just one type of liquid, and please don’t use a blender! Do not use substitute shakes more than once a day during the last week.

Liquid phase is three weeks is 21 days

Yes you will hear that some patients did less days of liquids and nothing happenned. Well wait until six months have passed and you find yourself struggling with more band adjustments and not feeling the restriction. These patients enlarged their pouch. Once the harm is done it won’t show up imediately, but it will hinder your weightloss and you may never reach your goal. Now I ask you is it really worth it? By the way the only way to correct pouch enlargement is through surgical repair.

Solid phase between three weeks and your first fill.

Most patients lose weight. Some will challenge the band. Here is the mentality. You decided to have surgery, you will carry a foreign body around your stomach for life, you shelled out some money the least you can do is help this little ring out. How? Once you are on solids challenge the band, not by eating everything in site and then asking I don’t feel restriction, is this normal? Of course it is normal, the band is healing in place totally lose. The real challenge is by testing how small a portion you can eat three times a day without feeling too hungry.

Reasons to follow these guidelines.

I have studied thousands of patients and found common things to those who succeed and those who fail.

Those that follow these statements tend to lose around 30% of their excess weight during the first two months. They also reach their weightloss goal earlier (sometimes less than a year) and with less fills and no complications.

If you follow these guidelines, once the 6 to 8 weeks are up, you won’t be wanting a fill because poor weightloss requires it…you will be getting one because this last weight-loss effort and you deserve it!

Dr. Ariel Ortiz, MD, FACS

Board Certified Mexican medical doctor under license #2526822


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