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How do I stop?

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Ok, so I have been reading on this forum for a couple months now and now that I have my band (as of May 12, YAY!) I decided it is probably time for me to participate.

Since having my surgery 3 weeks ago I have lost about 10 lbs, depending on the day. What I am having a problem with is stopping my bad eating habits from before. Before I had surgery I knew that I was going to have to make some changes but I guess I thought that they would come a little more naturally for me.

It has been almost impossible to go a meal without being so thirsty that I have to drink something, or to stop myself from eating junk food or fast food. And since I can eat pretty much what I was before (except for bread, which is quite painful) I really don't think that I am losing to my full potential. My first fill isn't scheduled until June 23rd so I just don't know what to do until then. I feel like I am sabotaging myself.

To make matters worse, while cleaning out my garage this past weekend I came across a picture of myself from a couple years ago and just started crying because I was soo much smaller! Instead of being a motivational tool, the picture just made me want to go and eat everything that was bad for me because I knew it would make me feel better for a minute.

I have been obese since elementary school. but it has just been the last couple of years that I really put on the most extreme weight (thanks to my first pregnancy in 2005.) I really want this to work for me. My husband is Army and we are stationed in Alaska right now so I have not seen my family for months and when I go home in August when my husband deploys to Iraq I really want to make a dramatic entrance....and especially when my husband returns in 09 I want there to be a big change.

If you guys have any ideas for how I can get away from all this junk and drinking during meals then please let me know!! By the way I am SO not a good cook or a person who cooks very often, I'm used to just throwing something in the microwave for a minute or taking it out of a box and being ready to go so if u have any food ideas that are quick and easy I'd really appreciate it.

Sorry bout the rambling, this being the first post I thought I'd let it all out.... :P

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First of all, welcome to the group. Some of us may be crazy, but we are kindred spirits. Our stories parallel yours. Congratulations on taking a MAJOR step in becoming the same YOU in a different shell.

Use us as a surrogate family, if you will, and let us be a support network for you.

Your questions are vaild, and have faced by all of us. Here are a few ideas from me. I'm sure the many others who'll respond will have awesome thoughts as well. First, dont purchase the junk food. If I have chips around, I'll eat them too. When you get your first fill, it will be MORE painful when something you eat disagrees with you. I've purchased the fruit ice cream bars that sell for about $1, that are 100 calories or less that taste AWESOME. I LOVE eating ice cream as a healthy snack. (It's really like a sorbet, I think). I'm like you in many ways. Raised in the South, bread is a large component of any meal here, as well as sweetened tea. It's tough to wean from a life style that I've lived for 40 years... since WAYYYY before you were born. I drink Crystal lite a lot these days. Dr. Miranda said..." don't drink liquid calories" and she made headway with that point.

I've had some difficulty eating just dry food (food without liquids). I need to drink a little before, and some during. I sip these days since my fill, and it lessens opportunities for PBing.

As far as becoming a cook extraordinaire, learn from the masters. Tyler Florence is great, if you have the food network (231 for DirectTV subscribers). There are a dozen more that make cooking wonderful, simple, but sometimes not calorie conscious. I love to adapt things they make and cook something scrumptious, and have it for several days.

I'm sure there will more comments from this awesome peanut gallery VERY soon. You have allies here, and those of us who have stood where you are standing now (not in Alaska, but in your quest to change your life).

I guess the best thing: Be victorious ONE day at a time. As Paula said to me.... YOU CAN DO EEEET.

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Welcome! I was banded on May 8. The closer it came to the day I could eat solids (May 30) The more I began to panic about eating fast food. As I would drive by the places I would think "I'm gonna eat there, and there and there.." I don't even like most fast food!

So I talked to my therapist about this and she said if I CHOOSE to eat fast food, be sure that I really want it and make a conscious decision to eat it. She said to have a discussion with myself about it, even if I had to pull into the parking lot!

So, this is really silly, but I started talking to the fast food places as I drove by. "Hi Chick-fil-A!! I'll eat there one day but not today. Hi McDonalds! See you another day!" you get the idea. :wacko: I would actually wave at the restaurant as I drove by. "See you later!"

Like I said, it was so silly and it made me laugh so much, but I haven't had the urge after a few days of that.

As for cooking, I'm like you. Lean Cuisines save the day for me. They are pretty well rounded and taste great. There's a huge variety too.

BTW, you have lost TEN POUNDS in 3 weeks!! Pat yourself on the back, girl! You're doing awesome! If the number is concerning you too much, put away the scales and weigh once a week. Concentrate on what you are eating, not the number on the scale.


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As far as the drinking with meals, you have to stop that. You are defeating yourself. I have to constantly remind myself everyday. I drink a very cold (icy) water just prior to eating my meal and that seems to close up my band more. Just like hot liquids "open" it up. You don't have to be a great cook to have good nutrition. There are plenty of good things in the freezer section....Lean cuisine, Smart Ones, and several others. Just keep your freezer stocked....they are all portion controlled too, so you know you can eat it all! Don't even go down the junk food aisles in the stores. They are poison! Stick to the fresh and frozen portions of the store. If you don't go down the aisle, you won't be tempted to impulse buy. Bread is no longer your friend anymore....this is a good thing for me, I was addicted. Now if I am going to have any bread at all it has to be worth the discomfort that I will suffer. In other words, fresh and warm! LOL! Hope this helps.

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I am not a great cook either, hate it actually, but did buy from Amazon.com two fabulous Post WLS cookbooks, the recipes are sooo easy anyone can do it!

My doctor also suggested seeing a nutritionist for some counselling, which I thought was a great idea!

You have lost weight and that's a huge accomplishment!

Good luck!


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Are you thirsty at meals, or is your mouth dry? those two aren't the same. Try to drink a glass of water or crystal lite or something before your meal; that should take care of the thirst issue. If your mouth is really dry, take a small sip of water once or twice during the meal only, like half a mouthful. This is no different from eating food with a sauce, and definitely lower in calories. Don't drink several swallows, just a half mouthful, and only onced or twice during the meal.

Mostly it comes down to deciding that you are worth the moment of denying yourself the temporary pleasure of the things you shouldn't eat. It takes a while to teach yourself that lesson. When I drive by a fast food place or ice cream joint, I don't tell myself I can't have that; I tell myself I can have it, but I would rather look at the scales and see the pounds come off. It's a choice I make.

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Welcome to our group and congrats on your band! =D>

I have found the hardest part to be not drinking when I eat. My friends that were banded the same day as me just can't do it and I scold them constantly. LOL It is very important for your weight loss.

My secret has always been no bread, (maybe twice a week), no fast food, and no liquid calories. If you will do that then you will lose the weight..I promise!

Drink as much water as you can. Some of the vitamin waters have tons of calories that really add up so be careful with those. I only drink plain water, unsweet tea with splenda, and G2 Gatorade. (The one with just a few calories)

Good luck!!

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I love what Will T said, and may I say that I echo his words too! Welcome, our new friend and comrade! We will beat the food battle together, one day at a time. Just know you are NOT alone in this, even if you feel isolated (living in Alaska). You will find more kindness and encouragement here on the forum than the state of Alaska could hold. :P Ask away, to any of us. Vent yourself when you need to, and just know you have friends here!

~dianna~ :D

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As every one has said welcome to the group. Before I got banded I sought out counseling knowing full well that food was my enemy. It is a constant battle every day for all of us. I work in the fishing industry (more to the point a bread and batter plant). I have to smell the frying of the food that they are preparing every day. They have to have samples up in the office for all of us to eat. ( I no longer eat any of the samples brought up except when it is Salmon Burgers :rolleyes: , I take one for my lunch.)

This is my torture every day. I can not escape food other then quitting my job. At home I don't go in the kitchen much these days and as every one has said stay out of the isles and away from the junk food. There is no bread in my house. I eat fresh vegies and protien every day, with a piece of fresh fruit. My husband likes fast food so once a month I will get a small hamburger or chicken with a salad. This is my treat. I drink Crystal lite, have for years. Toughy is not drinking with meals, which I have been able to do so far.

Just remember we are here for you, just call upon us when you need to, someone will answer.

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