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So I had my 1/2 c of cottage cheese and 1/2 small banana at 8:00 am. Felt full, but at 9:30 started to feel lightheaded and dizzy and now I have a headache. I think I either needed to keep eating at breakfast, or have a snack, but if I'm going to not drink within time allowed for eating, then how am I going to eat and get all my water in? Am I making more out of this that I need to?

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Hey, hope you are feeling better. Make sure you are getting enough protein. Its really hard at first and without it we can feel super drained, and prone to headaches. Make sure you have water with you and you drink constantly. I,m always sipping on herb tea, makes me feel better and helps to get all of the liquids in.

I remember reading on a previous post that someone put their protein mix in yogurt. That’s a great idea; I wish I had known that earlier!

Take care and hope you feel better!


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