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Someone mentioned on another thread having gotten a couple of cookbooks for post surgery eating. I would love to know which ones are good ones with recipes that real people will eat.

This will be a way of life, so I need to find interesting and yummy things to eat that will work with my band. In my quick search, one of them had something like french toast on the cover, so I was wondering if that one may be one that applies more for RNY or sleeve surgeries?

So what are some you veteran have had success with and enjoy.

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Hi there, I believe it was me!

I went to Amazon.com and order Lapband for Life from Dr. Ortiz $19.99 as well as two cookbooks.

"Cookin' For Weight Loss Surgery Patients" by Dick Stucki -$16.95 and "Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery' by Patt Levine and Michele Bontempo-Saray.-$11.53.

I am looking foward to cooking up some of the recipes when I am able to eat post op.

Get them they are great!


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