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still need info on fills

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Hey everyone!

I am still looking for the guidelines for the 2nd fill. i am going today at 5 p.m. and would like to know. i heard from some other post that they ate right away, while in others they waiting 24 hours. since i am going 2 hours away, i would like to test the fill before i leave. thanks

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After your first fill, you may eat as soon as you can, which is great because you can still eat more than a 1/3 of what you ate before band, you can get it tighter, OR get an unfill if you feel it's too tight. I just went Saturday and me and 2 other bansters ate at the restaurant around the corner right after. Good luck!

You were told to eat after your "FIRST" fill?? :lb12: I was told to wait 3 days to eat after my first! :(( He said after my second fill I'd eat right after to test it. My luck....

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