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Scheduled Appt. for Second Fill

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Ok, I went ahead and scheduled my second fill with fluoro at the FILL CENTERS USA in Roswell, GA It's about three hours from my home.

I tried to get in on Saturday, June 21st but they were booked (busy place!) but fortunately, they were scheduling appointments for Sunday, June 22nd, so I am booked for that day! YAY!!

I have been putting off the scheduling, trying to work it to where I could go back to the OCC or fly to visit my BBB, but decided that it is best for my pocketbook to go ahead and get established with the Fill Center because, even though my first visit with fluoro will be $549, additional visits with fluoro will only be $285. I think I can live with that. Sooner or later, I feel it would be necessary to get established closer to home.

I walked away from the call with a bit of information. I'm sure I have been told this before (or read it) but haven't thought much about it before.

With a good fill, I should only eat about 1/4 to 1/3 cup per meal.

(OBVIOUSLY I'm eating more than that.)

An average person will need between 3 - 5 fills per year.

(OBVIOUSLY with a VG band I may need more than 5? EEK!)

I need a protien supplement.

(Any suggestions?)

I am ready to get this show on the road!

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Ute, you have me excited!!!!

YAYYYY ! I hope you will have the same great experience like us, who used the Roswell GA Fill Center.

Darlene is really great! Wishing you "that" fill ;)

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