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HELP, I need some feedback. Got a second fill on Friday and had terrible problem eating today. Do I need to get some taken out or will I eventually get used to this. I was supposed to have had 1.4cc when I got my first fill at OCC, but only had .6 left???? I now have 1.4 and can't keep much of anything down, except liquids. I went to Fill Center USA, not real sure about the whole operation. Doctor was pushing diet pills to curb appetite...why do I have to curb my appetite if I can't eat anyway?????CRAZY...like what was the purpose of getting the band if I have to take diet pills!!!

Need some feedback please :lb20:


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Hey Arlene,

I had a similar situation on my 2nd fill at the OCC, though Dr. Romero pulled out exactly the same amount of fill he put in me on my 1st fill... I know it's possible that some evaporated but I have also heard of saline not getting pulled out so when you go in for your 3rd fill (or possibly an unfill) they may pull out more than the 1.4 you think you have.

I know the fill centers want you to do clear liquids for 48hrs and if your fill was on the 13th it looks like you did that and are now on to real food, at the OCC when you have your 2nd fill (and beyond) they want you to eat real food the same day as your fill and see how you feel (so you can get an unfill if there are any problems), I did that and took 5 bites of salad that were too big (and probably too fast) and got sick and PB'd it all back up... The next morning I tried to eat 1/4-1/2 a banana again probably not as slow or as small of bites as I should and I PB'd all of that up too.. So that morning before I flew home I got a .3 unfill and while I had restriction for about a week after the fill/unfill now I don't have much restriction at all... Basically all the restriction came from swelling from the PB episodes...

I think when you're able to "get away" with eating semi normally for so long when your first fill isn't enough you think you don't have to follow the rules as closely after your second fill which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. For me had I followed the slow eating and tiny bites rules (that I knew) the salad would have gone down fine the band would have done it's job and I would not have gotten sick that night, so I wouldn't have been swollen the next morning the banana would have gone down fine and I would still have 2.3ccs instead of 2.0ccs and wouldn't be needing a 3rd fill...

So my advice is that if you are able to keep down water take it easy maybe stay on liquids for a few more days if you've been having PB episodes you're probably still swollen and tight from that. If after a week you're following the bandster rules and are still PB'ing once a day then maybe you do need an unfill...

Hope you feel better

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