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1 month bandiversary was yesterday

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Greetings fellow bandsters!

Yesterday (the 15th) was the 1 month mark for my band, and I just wanted to give a "progress report" of sorts on how my 1st month with the band has gone.

Week 1 - this week went by in such a blur! I didn't come home from Mexico until the 18th and I took most of that week off work, which was indulgent probably since I really did feel so well, but still, it was very nice. I do remember being a bit sore, specifically at the port spot if I used my stomach muscles, but otherwise I was feeling very well.

Week 2 - I was fully back to work by this time - still on my liquids and feeling pretty much no pain. I did, however, start to develop a serious rash around the incision marks and realized I was allergic to prolonged exposure to adhesives! A steaming shower to soften the glue and some gentle scraping later, all glue was removed. The rash was treated with benadryl cream and the incision marks, while red, seemed to be healing very well.

Week 3 - still on liquids, I did start to get very hungry at the end of this week. I was able to cope though, largely due to mind tricks like chewing on gum and ice cubes and popsicles, and got through fine. By this point, the rash from the adhesive was dying down and I was starting to notice a tiny bit of change in my waistline - specifically, the stretch marks on my stomach fading out.

Week 4 - Food! My first meal was a jr. lunchable - turkey, cheddar, and wheat crackers and boy was it tasty. I found I was full very quickly and have not (yet!) had an episode of PBing. My port site was no longer sore at all by this point, even if I pressed on my stomach, and the incision marks are healing up very, very well. I also started to incorporate some exercise back into my day - 30 or 45 minutes of walking - and found that I felt stronger than before surgery.

Week 5 - so far, this has been a great week. I went to the doctor today just for a general check-up since I'm 1 month out from surgery, and he looked at my incisions, took my weight, pressed around on my tummy, asked about my diet/exercise, and pronounced me to be doing excellent. He said he doesn't need to see me for monthly check ups or anything, that I am doin great and that my surgery was clearly done by a great doctor. (Yay Dr. Ortiz!)

As of this morning, I am 33 lbs. down from my highest weight of a few months ago, and 21 down from my pre-op weight. I know this is just a drop in the bucket, but I really feel like I am moving in the absolute right and healthy direction.

Big hugs to all of you who have been my friends and advice givers during this period of time. I've taken before pics and am taking monthly pics as well and I promise to (perhaps with some tech support from MamaMichelle?) get them posted for all to see before long.

><' Amber

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You are doing a wonderful job with your band! =D>

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Wow...I love your post. You keep me inspired. I am on day 14 and can not wait for the 24 of June. Although I am afraid the weight loss will slow down. Your doing great and keep your spirits up. Dawn

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