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Will I be hungry before the next meal?

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I use the divided plate method that Dr. Miranda showed us, and I put a smallish portion on each spot. I eat and chew carefully, put my fork down between bites, eat slowly. As I finish the smallish portions, I ask myself if I am full (which is now what I want to happen) or no longer hungry. Of course, I stop at the no longer hungry, or what I perceive to be no longer hungry. I get up, walk around for a few minutes, If I think I am still hungry, I get a little more

The problem is that I get hungry about 2 hours before the next meal, especially for supper. I think this means I am not eating enough, but where is the solution? Where is the fine line between not hungry at lunch and hungry before supper?

I don't know....

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Hi Paula Bee,

I haven't had my first fill yet and I am only 12 days post op, but I can relate. I eat until I feel full and stop, about 2-3 hrs later I feel hungry again, I usually bring a yogurt or unsweetened pudding with me for a mid-meal snack. Can you snack? My diet plan right now says I can. When I am on solid food, I am hoping I won't need to, but if I do, I will make sure it's a healthy one.

I am sure if you have a healthy snack in between, you will be fine.

Take care, Cathy

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I know our goal is to eat 3 meals a day and nothing more.

I'm experiencing the same thing you are, especially at night. What I'm trying today is this. I ate a grilled hamburger with a whole grain English muffin for the bun. After eating that, I wasn't hungry any more. However, I decided to top it off with a yogurt. A Fiber Fit yogurt that has 3g of protein and 5g of fiber. It's a small cup and they have some great flavors like Key Lime. (yum!)

What I'm hoping is that the extra protein and fiber will keep me full longer. It's only about a 3oz. cup, so it's a small container and easy to eat after a meal if you're not stuffed.

Oh! I almost forgot, I drank a bottle of K20 protein water about 45 minutes before dinner, so that's another 5g protein and 5g of fiber.

I hope it works!


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Try some of the EAS Protein powder when you are feeling hungry....you can mix it in some skim milk or yogurt, I even mixed it in coffee this morning and it keeps me full feeling for hours! They have vanilla or chocolate flavored. It was actually pretty good in the coffee, tasted like my vanilla creamer! Want to try the chocolate flavor the next time.

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