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Another fill??

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I had my first fill on June 18th....I'm not sure how much was put in my band though...at first he tried to put in 2cc's but that ended up being too much so he took a bunch out but neglected to tell me how much.

At the time of my fill I was on my menstrual cycle ( i dont know if that makes a difference or not) and it was fine for a couple days. I know its only been a week but i still feel like I can eat as much as I want, it just hurts going down if I eat too fast or too big of a bite.

Is this supposed to be normal or do I need another fill already or what am i doing wrong??? Please help!! ^_^

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Many girls retain water during that time, so our bands are tighter than normal - so we avoid getting fills around that time of the month. (Myself included) I also try not to have a fill in the morning, as late in the afternoon as possible for my appointments.

I generally can tell that I need another fill when I start feeling hungry 3 hours after my last meal and when I can eat more than "lap band" normal. Or don’t have a problem eating rice, bread or all of those other problematic foods that we try to avoid. If you can eat as much as you want - that's not what I would consider a good fill.

Since this is your first fill your still in the experimental stage. If it seems like you can eat too much or your hungry all the time you may need to go in and get it adjusted. Generally there is a low cost or no cost for an adjustment. Just give them a call as quickly as possible to see what might work best for you.



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