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Got my 2nd fill today (at the OCC)

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Got my second fill. 2 more cc's for a toal of 5.8. Yes, I have the larger VG band. I got to see Trina here too. I let her come and watch. By the way, she has the prettiest face!!!!!!!! Very very nice gal. Hopefully, if they let me back in the OCC tonight, I will go back and check up on her.

Anyway, after my fill, I ate 3/4 of a hamburger patty and a handful of peanuts. No problem, but I felt full so I stopped. Dr. So, WHO IS REALLY CUTE, said it would take a month for my fill to settle and to know for sure whether I have good restriction or not.

But, being the eternal pessimist, I kinda doubt it.

Oh, by the way, it pays to ask questions.............we found out that the movie house down the street, the Cinepolis, does indeed play movies in English. Not all of them, but most. Wish I would have known that the first time I was down and looking for something to do, LOL. Didn't even consider asking the question so I was forced to spend some time with the ole hubby.

Whoever asked how pedometers work..............you get this small thing you clip on your waistband. With each step you take, it actually counts it out. At the end of the day, you take the number it has recorded and cut it in half, and you have the amount of miles you walked. Uh, sort of. Say I have 10,000 steps recorded, that equals 5 miles. 12,000 steps equals 6 miles. See? According to the experts, 10,000 should be the daily minimum each person should walk. NMow, remember, that includes all walking, like getting up to go the bathroom or getting up to clean the litter boxes, you know, ALL steps.

Speaking of litter boxes, the ole hubby didn't come with me this time (my neice Claudia came) so he is home right now doing the litter box duties! HAHAHAHAHA I finally get a break! I have lots of boxes that cleaned each day so it is work! THAT I DON'T HAVE TO DO FOR 4 DAYS, YIPEEEEE Can you say, HAPPY?

Ok, got to go and catch that movie. Wish me good restriction and a quick and painfree recovery for our banded friends today!

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My hubby is gone for a week and I have the cat box and pooper scooper duty for the next week.......EEEEEKKKK! I want a vacation too!

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Hey Mona

Have you ever heard of a LitterMaid? It's a cat litter box that electric)and battery) and it automatically scoops the litter out 10 mins after your cat is out of it. I LOVE mine. Just a thought :victory:

Yeah, I have actually looked into them, but I have 9 cats so I think I would need a few of them and they are expensive. Plus, I am afraid my cat will pee on them. See, I have some high steppers and they pee over the side, so now I use rubbermaid bins with a door cut in the side. I am ANAL about cat smell. People assume that my house stinks to high heaven when they hear I have 9 cats, but I am a fastidious cleaner and am paranopid about smell. People are amazed when they don't smell my cats, and I like to keep it that way.

So, knowing all that, do you still think I could try a littermaid? I'm not being smart or sarcatsic I am asking for an honest opinion since I have been soooo on the fence about trying one. You think in my situation it would work?


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