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Am getting ready to book 2nd fill and looking for company

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I had my first fill on June 20 and nada so I am preparing to book Fill #2. Before I book the flight I am looking for one of you ladies who would like to ride with me. I am renting a car and driving to the border. I did this last time and it worked really well with lots of freedom. I don't need anyone to share the cost but I would prefer traveling with someone walking across the border and taking a taxi to OCC etc. I am planning on going over and back same day although I will be staying in SD for at least one night to make sure my restriction in correct one way or another. If it isn't tight enough when I test it this time I will be going right back accross to get more the next morning. I'm not making this trip again for nothing!!! If anyone is interested in riding with me to and from the OCC, let me know. My email is vjsimonds@flairdata.com


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