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Argh! Getting frustrated..

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For 3 weeks straight now I have been sitting at 190...sometimes I get down to 188 or 189 and then Bam...it's back to 190. I am eating 1200 calories a day, drinking my water, and getting my exercise in. I know it is just a plateau, but how can I break it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Kim!

Hitting plateaus is totally normal. Frustrating but normal - I've done it so many times I just don't really think abuot it - I know what to do now to get things moving. I generally have to switch up my routine. You're body may be getting use to the program you’re on because it is no longer being challenged. You might try bumping up your protein, or try a new exercise program. Surprise your body with a new routine and see what happens. When I hit my worse plateau is when I got desperate and went out to find new forms of exercise – got into the belly dancing and just finding new fun ways to move my body. Your plateau is just a natural response the body has occasionally, and we just need to get inventive to get the old scale moving again.

Make it fun!!


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Kimmy you are doing great so celebrate that!! Lisal is right you need to mix things up a bit I know from your sparkpeople page you do the same shake for breakfast and same bar for lunch everyday, so maybe that's some place you need to switch things up. At the lake Evette told me she replaced the scrambled egg she had for breakfast every morning with 1/2 cup of fruit and lost 2lbs in 2days!!

Here's a great article about busting through plateaus!!

By Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

When you're trying to lose weight, the question isn't whether or not you'll hit a plateau, it's when. Plateaus are like bad weather on a long hike: it's inevitable that you'll run into it, but knowing that in advance won't make it one bit less frustrating or annoying when it happens. Cheer up! Since plateaus are as common as rain, we have a pretty good idea what to do about them. At least one of the following techniques should help you break through a plateau and start losing again.

1. Be a Calorie Detective

When clients tell me they've stopped losing weight, the first thing I ask is this: how many calories a day are you eating? Calories have a way of creeping up while we're not paying attention. Be brutally honest with yourself: how much are you eating? Using a food diary for a while is a great way to monitor this. And yes, sodas and alcoholic beverages count! A good calorie goal for dieters is your target weight times 10, so if you would like to weigh 130 pounds you should aim for 1,300 calories per day (10 X 130= 1,300).

2. Change It Up

When you're not making gains in an exercise program you change your routine. Same holds true with your eating plan. Low-carbers could go higher carb for a few days, high-carbers might switch to a plan like Atkins or South Beach. Varying calorie intake may have a positive effect: If you're averaging 1,500 calories daily, try dropping to 1,200, going up to 2,000 and then dropping back to 1,500. You get the idea. Your body's gotten comfortable, so it's time to shake things up.

3. Try a Temporary Ban

Food sensitivities can cause weight gain and bloat, and the frustrating thing is that most of us don't always know which foods are the culprits. So play the odds. Highest on the list of "usual suspects" are grains (wheat in particular), dairy and sugar. Temporarily ban all three and see what happens.

4. Take Your Workout Up a Notch

Forget the "fat burning zone." High intensity intervals -- 30 to 60 seconds -- are the wave of the future. If you're accustomed to level three on your cardio machine, ramp it up to level 6 for a minute then slow down, catch your breath and repeat. Ever see a sprinter with love handles? Training like a sprinter will lower your body fat faster than any technique I know of, plus it'll boost your metabolism and lower your weight.

5. Strength Training

If you're not strength training, start now. And if you are, ramp it up a notch. Muscle is your greatest ally in breaking a plateau. Unfortunately many women train with weights too light to produce the metabolic boost they need. Don't be afraid of heavier weights. They should be heavy enough that you can only do between 8 and 12 reps.

6. Up Your Protein

Studies show that higher protein diets make it easier to lose fat. Protein boosts the metabolism (in one study as much as 100 percent for 24 hours), and increases satiety, making it more likely that you won't overeat. A higher protein diet could be just what you need to break that plateau.

7. Try a Detox

Unsupervised fasting is a really bad idea, but the idea of giving your system a rest makes sense. Try a "smart fast" of nothing but fruits and vegetables for a couple of days. The added fiber is always helpful, and the massive amount of nutrients and phytochemicals is like "spring cleaning" for your metabolism.

8. Take Inventory

Other things besides diet and exercise could be stalling your weight loss, such as stress, lack of sleep or medication. Take a look at what else is going on in your life that might need attention. Sometimes when you clean up the problems in one area of your life, problems in other areas just naturally take care of themselves.

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Another good article from Mama Michele, where does she find this stuff? Are you a professional researcher or something?

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I'm right there with you Kimmie!! I had my fill at the end of May, lost 5 lbs right away and have been at 188 since! It is discouraging, I know. Are you getting another fill soon? I go the the OCC on the 29th for fill #2... I'm eating WAY too much!!

Today was a bad, bad day but I'm hoping for a better tomorrow. You're not alone ><'

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