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Why a 1/2 cup at a time???


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Can someone please help me? hahaa. Again, im newly banded a few days ago. If I understand correctly, it says do not drink more than 1/2 cup at a time. But then what? Drink 1/2 cup and wait a few minutes to drink more? Drink 1/2 cup of something and wait one hour to drink more? Can someone please explain?? Thanks!!!

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Congrats on getting banded!

You're making sure you don't stretch your pouch, think about it only holding about a half cup so you're trying not to fill it up and put pressure on it.

So you drink a little, (small sips) it should slid down past your band to your stomach - and drink a little bit more, small sips again and really think about how it feels - is it going down fast or can you fill it "fill up" your pouch. (if you can - stop and wait) We all have different bodies so each of us has a different experiance, you need to learn how yours reacts to everything from drinking to eating. I would wait about 10 minutes for each 1/2 cup when I first started - just to make sure my pouch was all clear.

All the best and take it slow, you'll do great!


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