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Lynzz- Girl I am feeling your pain!!

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I read about your 4hr hike that turned into 7hrs and my hubby and I just got back from a moster hike ourselves! It was his birthday on the 4th of July so I agreed to take an outdoor/camping trip for his birthday weekend so we headed up to sourthen Utah... This morning we woke up at 6am to take a 2hr hike but we never came across the turn off to go back to the road and instead of turing back we just kept searching! When we finally reached the road it was a 3 mile trek back to our car (and that was the "short cut" not through the forrest) I think with the walk back we walked a total of 10miles and it took almost 6hrs.

So anyways I am totally feeling your pain, the sun burn, dehydration etc...

Maybe when I weigh tomorrow I will have dropped a pound but I'm thinking all I will get is sore legs and bad blisters... lol

P.S. Congrats on being almost 100 days SMOKE FREE!

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OMG, I hate when that happens!!! :shok:

My husband always tries to act like he know where he is going and gets us lost. I was stuck at a peak last weekend and tried to call 911 but I couldn't get a signal on my cell phone.....How is that for luck?? I was so angry, tired and defeated that I swore to my husband that I would never again go hiking with him--We did Mount San Jacinto, an 11 mile hike today....hehehe......How quickly I forget.

Just as a precaution, I try to pay attention to what trails/path we took coming in and I also look at the trail maps myself rather than relying solely on hubby to navigate. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I am soooo glad you made it back ok and I bet you did lose a couple of pounds today--10 miles, WOW....good job!!!

P.S. Thanks :rolleyes: , I am really still a smoker at heart...

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