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Four Weeks Today Since Surgery

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I felt full after a small amount of food at lunch, but was hungry again after two hours. At dinner tonight, I had a small bbq pork chop, green/yellow beans and most of a baked potato...and I wasn't feeling really full like I used to.

I guess I will be taking your advice from earlier today and getting my fill next Wednesday.

I can't complain, I had restriction for 4 weeks, that's amazing...and lost 16 lbs since surgery....I can live with that!LOL!!!

Thanks everyone!

Cathy ><'

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Yeah, sounds like a fill is needed!

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Congratulations Cathy... that's great. I found that I had the same thing. I could only eat a small amount, but the full feeling didn't last 3-4 hours. So what I would do is drink water, and if I was still hungry after about an hour, I would have some cottage cheese, or a slice of smoked turkey, or 1/2 a protein bar. That would bump up my protein and keep me full until my next meal. Remember, your stomach has shrunk, and will remain that size, as long as you don't eat a whole bunch at a time. Good Luck, Anita

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