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Getting fills locally

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My primary care doctor is fantastic and he encouraged me to get the band. He tried everything to get my insurance to cover it to no avail.

He's a part of a large practice that does everything (almost) they can give a complete physical with stress test, lung x-ray so on and so forth.

I'm going in a couple of weeks for a checkup. My blood pressure has been running around 110/68 and since I'm on HBP medicine (have been since I was 14) I think it may be possible to cut down or get rid of it all together.

So....all of that long story to ask your opinion on this. What do you think if I mentioned to him that it would be a good idea for the practice to have a couple of people trained to do fills? I'm not sure if they have floro but if they do it would be fantastic!

Have any of you asked your PCP if they would consider having someone in the office trained to do fills? If you did, what did they say?

I'll let you all know in a few weeks what he says.


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