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Ports and Bands

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Hi all,

I have two questions, both of which have probably been asked and answered many times over, but I don't feel like wading through all of the posts and I don't think the search option works.

Anyway, I was banded on June 13th, so I'm well past the liquid stage and well into eating real big people (no pun intended) food and just like most of you, I have absolutely no restriction right now. I guess I'm in what some of you refer to as "bandster hell"; I can eat anything and large quantities of anything for that matter. By the way "anything" is really good when you put "something" on top! I'm doing okay, still only 11 pounds lost, but at least I'm not gaining, which is great! I totally blew it 4th of July weekend, especially with the celebratory libations (if you know what I mean), but I don't feel guilty because It was still in moderation and sometimes, damn it, you just have to treat yourself!

Here's my questions and I'm not asking because I think I've got the problems, I'm just really curious:

1. How can you tell if you do have a band slippage? Are there any signs?

2. I know the OCC sutures the band in place, but do they suture the port site as well?

Thanks everyone!

p.s. I have to say, I love this forum! No, I'm addicted to this forum - it's so helpful and so encouraging and above all so supportive! :P

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Your experience is pretty normal. Watch what you're eating but at the same time don't be too hard on yourself. Things not really start happening until your 1st or 2nd fill.

1) Band slippage is usually accompanied by vomiting and the inability to get foods or liquids down. You'll know pretty quick when that's the case and should seek care immediately so that you don't become dehydrated.

2) The port is sutured in place but not quite as securely as the band due to the tissue it's being sutured to. My port has moved around quite a bit with my weight loss. Some people have had their port flip over and have had to have surgery to get this corrected but the surgery is pretty minor with just a local anesthetic. It's not common for that to happen though and not an emergent situation when it does - more of an annoyance.

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I'm one of those "Have to know" type people as well. I asked Dr. Miranda about slippage when I was at OCC and she said "you'll know because you'll be vomitting constantly".

But....Michelle shared a link to a video of the actual surgery and after watching that (don't have the link but you can probably search for it on the forum) I understood much more clearly. The slippage is not really a matter of the band falling down on the stomach, but the lower stomach moving up into the pouch. Kind of like moving up and in. When they suture your band in place, they bring the lower part of your stomach up and over the band (think of a belt w/ your skirt and grabbing a section of fabric about 2" below your belt to pull up and over your belt and then stitch it to your shirt). So the band seems to be covered by part of the stomach and stitched in place. I encourage everyone to watch that surgery if you like to know details and understand the "how and why" of things.

Good luck!

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