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I just had my LapBand Seminar at Top Surgeons in Beverly Hills! What a scam!

They advertise how great and experienced their surgeons are… well let me tell you my experience led me to believe differently.

First of all I was treated like cattle.

Finally when I met my surgeon, I was shocked to find out that the Dr. had just finished her surgical training in June. What shocked me even more was that the surgeon had only performed surgeries under the supervision of his former bosses. She has never done any LapBand Surgeries on her own.

I later found out that Top Surgeons does also have reputable surgeons that are BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEONS and that have completed a formal year of training for this type of surgery called a Fellowship… not just a TWO-WEEK course like the one that I saw!

There is no question in my mind that the LapBand will change my life for the better… but not with a surgeon just out of training!

I only know this because of my sister who is a gyno and helped me find out these facts!

Remember to always ask the following questions:

• Are you a Board Certified Surgeon

• Are you Fellowship Trained in Lap Band Surgery

• How many LapBand Surgeries have you done on your own out of training?

• When did you finish your training?

• Ask for references from their former patients of that surgeon…


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This sounds like SPAM to me, new member and their 1st post is a slam on another Dr... Maybe that office deserves it maybe not but this doesn't seem relevant to Dr. Ortiz or our board!

how much did the fill in vegas cost?? travelwise, that may be an option for me. i just got banded yesterday. and so far--nothing-no resrtiction, no gas, no bletching, no trouble drinking. in fact, i am having a hard time remembering to sip 'cause i can still gulp with no problem.


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I believe the 1st fill with Dr. Dom was $385 and all future fills are $150 (they charge whatever the standard fill centers USA charge). My experience there was great, he sat down and took a good chunk of time talking to me about various behaviors that I could change it was all really informative!

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