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Flavorless Protein Powder

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Try All the Whey.com. The have a formula for bariatric/lapband that is sugar free. They have an unflavored as well as several flavors that are great. I've tried the strawberry shortcake and the banasplit along with chocolate and vanilla. I've been adding a scoop of unflavored to my oatmeal for a couple weeks, can't tell its there.


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I use the Unjury Brand Protien, you get it on their website http://www.unjury.com for $15 you get 15 servings/scoops and each scoop has 80 calories and 20g of protien, while it is "unflavored" you can't mix it with clear liquids like tea or water and not taste it... So I add a scoop to my morning shake, or if I have soup, you can put it into salad dressing or even into parts of your main entree, like once a week I'll have mashed potatoes witht the family and I will add 1/2 a scoop into my serving for an extra boost!

P.S. Shipping is a flat $6 no matter how many containers your order and they also have sample and travel packs you can order if you want to try it first or take some on the go!

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