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European band fills

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I had an adjustable gastric band fitted a year ago in Belgium. I have now moved to Florida and cannot find any Doctor willing to do any fills. My band Is the french made Heliogast. I have no restriction and am getting pretty desperate now. I am running out of options and flying back to the UK for a fill is out of the question. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

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I don't know where you are in Florida, but this doc will work with patients on whom he did not do the banding. The office is JUST on the north side of Orlando. I don't know if he will work with your specific band, but if you call him you can at least get a straight answer. If he doesn't, perhaps he can give you ideas as to where you can get your fills. I have not been to him yet, but I have my first fill scheduled with him on the 31st.

Wiljon W. Beltre M.D.

685 Palm Springs Dr. Ste. E

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Phone: (407) 830-6868

The other pace that does fills is Fill Centers USA and they are located in St. Petersburg and Tampa. I don't have their phone numbers but if you do an internet search for it, it comes up pretty easily.

I wish you success!


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If you can't find anyone in the US to do it, have you called the OCC? You can get a round trip flight from Florida to San Diego for $313 on Southwest. It wouldn't be a cheap trip, but probably a lot cheaper than flying back to the UK.

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