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Advice for 1st fill

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Were I go I cannot eat 4 hours prior to the fill. I can drink water and I do try to keep myself really hydrated so I don't retain any water. Its really easy so don’t stress out, since stress can cause our bands to tighten, and we will not get a good fill. At first I would use breathing exercises to relax, now its just so easy its not a big deal at all and I look forward to going because I love the girls at the office.

Here are my tips:

 Don’t eat salty food within 48 hours – you don’t want to retain water.

 Try to schedule later in the day if possible we generally are tighter in the mornings

 Try not to schedule around that time of the month – again we generally are tighter.

 Don’t let anything stress you out – this is your time to be really relaxed and in control of your emotions – since they can cause tightness to our bands.

 Drink and stay hydrated prior to you fill

Good luck and congrats on getting your first fill! I'm sure there will be more great tips - we're such an awesome group!


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I had my first fill today and I went to the Fill Centers USA in Roswell Ga. Their instructions say clear liquids for 8 hours before the fill and nothing for 4 hours before it.

Just relax and take it easy. It's not a big ordeal.


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Dolittle :lb13:

This was a great all-inclusive post about the first fill. It really made me think. I am so glad I read this before thursday. I'm hydrating up as I type.

Thanks again.

I just had my first fill 7/4/08. Had an early dinner on 7/3/08 before we got on the plane around 6:30pm, and nothing after that. Just drank lots of water. Rule is you cant eat 4 hours before. My appointment was @ 8:30am the next day, was less than 10 minutes to do, it was cool to watch on the X-ray machine, then went back to The Lucerna and my daughter swam the rest of the day. Just do another liquid diet for days. Mine is WONDERFUL I have great restriction. So good luck girls!

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Thanks for the info...my first fill is on Wednesday, I asked the nurse at my clinic if I need to change my diet to liquid, and they said no, eat as normal.

I think I will eat light the night before and mushy in the morning, just to make it easier on me.

My surgeon schedules all of his fills in the afternoon, which is great!!

Good luck with your fills everyone!!


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