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Hey Lisa... what about these prepackage meals?

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Here is a little breakdown of who I am working on not being any longer. I would skip breakfast, lunch time would entail something nice and greasy with fries or tater tots (oh how I love them tater tots!) Dinner time...since I hate cooking...would include a quick trip to a fast food joint. I was the biggest fast food junkie in town!! And my butt and thighs proved it! LOL :D :D :D Oh, BTW, I would NEVER drink water....YUK....I would drink Pepsi...that WAS my staple drink! Then I topped the scale at 246 lbs...and I am a registered nurse (who knows better!!!!!!!!!) I grew up in a single family home, my mom bless her heart, worked at Ore-Ida frozen foods. So she would bring home damaged packages from work. I could cook ANYTHING...as long as it was microwavable....it was cooked on HIGH for 5 minutes...NO matter what it was. :D :D :D My husband still laughs about that.

Now...I am determined to change my ways. I have three small children and I WILL change! I don't want them growing up with my POOR eating habits. That said...At 246 lbs...I decided to get a lap-band...I started my pre-op diet early so I could make sure I lost enough weight. I did...I lost 13 pounds by eating the right way. I was banded July 2nd, and now I am 10 days post-op. I am on the creamy soup phase of the post-op diet. I am not enjoying it, and treat myself once in a while to soft serve ice cream, a kiddie size. I have 13 days until I can eat regular food...and reading posts about how you set aside Sunday to package up your meals...well...sounded really smart!!!! :D :D :D

Can you tell me what you do! Not to be a pain, but could you be specific...Do you make a week of meals or what do you do? I like the sound of meal making on Sunday and think I can incorporate my kids in helping...this makes me really excited because it would be a great time to teach them about cooking, portion size, etc...I'm sure you get the idea! I hope this post and its reply's can help others too!!!

Thanks!!! Dianna

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Hey Dianna - I did an old post about this that I need to go find - I'll add it on to my reply in a moment!

OK, I have way too many posts!! And you're a lot like many of us, we were bad eaters too! -I have completely changed how I eat and how my family eats. My husband has lost 20 pounds since I received my band. And I now have 2 boys back in the house for summer!! They love the food, I often shop at Trader Joes and I'm a bit of a health addict now. It was bad - I was just like you and I worked for Doctors who were really into healthy eating - I had nutritionists and Doctors who worked for me and here I was a junk food junky that weighed close to 300 pounds! The band really helped me change my life - I can now focus on being healthy and it takes less time than driving to fast food and cost less when you think of gas these days!



With working full time, one teenager still in and out of the house, and a grandbaby on the way I stay pretty busy. One of the ways I make sure to eat the right foods is to prepare it ahead of time. I use a lot of the fit and fresh smart products, you'll find that most people complain that they are too small, but they are actually just a little too big for us (some pieces). However they work great and allow you to really organize your food. This is my favorite


I have 3 and I stack them up filled with precooked meats (chicken breasts grilled on my GF grill is always in at least one) chopped up veggies, fruits, beans, whatever I can think up to put in there for a quick grab. I just take a few of the containers to work and have for lunch. And then use part for dinner. I spent part of my day on Sunday thinking about my menu and organizing my food. I organize them by meats, veggies, fruits, carbs.

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