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Symptoms after First Fill - Please Respond

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Hi All,

I had my first fill today in Atlanta and it was a very pleasant experience. I, however am not having a pleasant experience! I have been uncomfortable since I left the fill center (1 hour away). I can drink but I feel it as it goes down and it hurts. I have had hiccups all day and have to burp constantly. I also have had to carry a cup around to spit in all day. I had black coffee after the fill (Darlene, the nurse, said it was fine) I was afraid I would get a migraine from caffeine withdrawal. I felt every sip and it sat in my "pouch" awhile then went down, I felt everything. I had about a 1 hour time today as I sipped chicken broth when I felt fine and thought the worst had passed. I am starting to feel the pain again. I am assuming that I am too tight. I am pretty sure the nurse will be in tomorrow so I think I could go back for some to be taken out but my question is, has this happened to anyone else and it did pass and get better. I remember MamaMichelle's post about the Chicken Ceasar salad episode and going back to the OCC for some unfill and possibly wishing she had waited to let it pass??? I can endure this if I know it is only temporary. They only have fills here the first & third saturday of the month. Please let me know if you experienced any of this. I think she said she put in 2.0 ccs in my 4.o band.

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Give it a few days and it should relax some. If it doesn't you may need a small unfill.

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I felt very tight after my first fill. I believe that the area surrounded may swell up a bit, and cause you to feel even tighter. Drink warm liquids, soups, and remember you'll always feel tighter in the morning. I can still feel things go down and I had my fill July 1st. Since I've had my fill though, I certainly have to chew more and remember to take really small bites. Good Luck.. keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. Anita

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Here is the directions after getting a fill at the OCC that they give to you to carry with you. Hope it is helpful. ~ Gina

CAUTION: Is your band too Tight? It is if you......

Can't tolerate any solid food

Can only eat "very small" amounts of solid food (painful and/or only a little stays down)

Can't tolerate liquids (this is an EMERGENCY)

Regurgitation of swallowed foods (PB-ing)


Night coughing or choking

Repeated Pulmonary Infections.

Constant upper abdominal pain worsened by eating or drinking.

If you experience any of the symptoms above, Contact Us Immediately, they could appear immediately or a long time after a fill or for no apparent reason; if you decide to wait, there is a higer risk of complications.

Obesity Control Center

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