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I love this forum!


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So cool, we ask and it happens!! I am up at 4 AM and can't sleep. I am so glad I have something to pass the time and this is the perfect category to type this in. Anyone else have sleep problems?

Geesh girl, we seem to have lots on common. Yes, I have sleep apnea. Plus I have anemia which my doctor said causes me to have insomnia. So, I have a cpap machine but still have a hard time sleeping sometimes. Not too bad. Just have a hard time getting to sleep and then I wake up several times. That part is because of the cats though. They NEED their midnight pettings, LOL!

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You're sure right there. I also use the cpep machine and around 4 am or so it starts driving me crazy, especially if I am struggeling to sleep. My dog is the one on the bed and in need of her loving throughout the night. The cat jumps up usually around 6 am when my husband gets up so it's a constant battle. Not to mention my husband snoring away and sleeping like a baby. I am so envious of his sleep. My health issues are also diabetes, chronic pain from fibromyalgia,high cholesterol, and what else? I think thats plenty. And then let's talk about all the medicine I take....I sure hope this works to get all of the above listed gone!!

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