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i was recently banded and am wondering if there are any activity restrictions that i will need to be aware of? any problems with stuff like riding roller coasters that flip you up-side-down. or rides that throw your body weight forward against restraints around your abdomen?

any problems with activities or exercises that stretch your core like yoga? exercising on an exercise ball?


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For me it was - stay low for 30 days, no exercise except for light walking - no abs for 90 days. Now that I've said that you should check your documents - if you were banded by someone else other than Dr. Ortiz - your rules may vary and you should contact the center that you worked with.

Rollar coasters - we're still trying to figure that one out - I went on some after 6 months - however not sure if it was a smart move.

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Hi! My name is Mary and I am new to this site.

Why are you not sure it was such a smart move? Did it hurt? What did it feel like? I am going to Cedar Point Amusement Park next month (there are like 17 Rollar Coasters). I asked my doctor and he said I would be fine, but I have visions in my head of my stomach coming up through my band or the g-force or whatever making my band slip!

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