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I was just wondering how one progresses from "newbie" membership to "member" to "supreme", and so on? Just curious...does it have to do with the number of posts you submit?

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Those titles do relate to the number of posts you have made, Here are the classifications:

rank_admin.gif Lori Becky Only

rank_supreme.gif Over 250 Posts

rank_advanced.gif Over 100 Posts

rank_member.gif All Other Members

If you'd like to see the top 20 posters on the board or want to search by a members name you can use this link: http://www.lapbandforum.com/index.php?act=...&filter=ALL

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Thanks for the clarification, ladies! I just officially graduated from "newbie" to "member"...yayyyyy! It does feel good to be part of this group...you all are a bundle of information!

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