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Have a friend who needs extensive dental work (implants etc.). Just wondering if anyone has used the Occ dentist for more than just Zoom Whitening? Or, if those of you in the San Diego area know of another Mexican dental clinic specializing in this area.



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When I went there, I was asking about an implant but she didn't seemed interested in doing it.

wanted to know if I had been to a periodontist (sp) I told her that I had. She just kinda of blew me

off, and said I had nice teeth. She did make me a mouth guard for $150.00 figure I saved around 200.

I think there must be other dentists around that are set up for implants and other time consuming work.

I still need my tooth worked on so keep me posted on what you find out.


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I had zoom whiting...it was nice...only $250. I had a gap between some front teeth and she fixed that for me. I used to grind my teeth when I was a kid and wear a night guard regularly in case I grind....but I don't anymore, my guard has no grind markings...That said. I was disappointed. Later that night one of gap fillings broke off. I asked for my money back...NO CHANCE...even though the work only latest around 4-6 hours. She is a very nice, cute lady! But I was soooo disappointed that they would not refund my $100 back. They said when I come back for my fill she would fix it at no cost. Which I am not too happy about, because I am not sure I will go back to get my fill there at the OCC or not. So, with my experience (and what my own dentist said) if you get your teeth fixed there and something goes wrong there is NO recourse action you can take. Others may have had a different experience than mine....cheaper there...YES....but we do get what we pay for.

Hope this helped!


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