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First Fill Update - painful

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Thanks for the responses to my post about being in pain after my first fill. I did call Darlene (Roswell, GA) around 7:00 last night to explain what was happening. She is WONDERFUL. She gives out her cell phone number. She offered to meet me back at the fill center last night to check me to see if I needed any taken out but I told her I thought I could get through the night and would see her in the morning. I truly was so miserable, I could not even swallow my spit (sorry so gross). I walked around with a "spit cup" all evening. I seriously had so much pain and just plain uncomfortable, just a swallow of water hurt going down. I took (chewed) an over the counter sleep aid and went to bed. Well, I slept through the night and woke up this morning feeling great! I had 2 cups of black coffee NO Prolem! I went ahead to the fill center just in case and Darlene had me drink the Barium and watched the flow 3 times and it was just fine. She explained the swelling can cause too much restriction, etc.. I did not have any removed and I feel fine. I just wanted to post this in case someone else might have this happen. I am glad I waited 24 hours BUT this is not always the case, some people DO have to have some taken out.

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I'm so glad everything worked out for you. That's such a hard experience - the band can be sooo fickle some times. Take care and I hope you can get some extra rest today; the stress can take its toll.

Also thank you so much for your great advice and for sharing your own personal experiences - its amazing how much we learn from each other!



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