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Speaking of water

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Recently someone post about water intake and how long before and after you wait. all of us that were banded by Dr, ortiz know that we are supposed to wait one hour before having a meal. However, i dont recall dr miranda talk about before the meal. I know that mamamichelle had a post before saying that we should wait half an hour. However i recently saw a post about drinking 5minutes before your meal. Does anyone know what the actual rules are according to Dr. ortiz?


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Drs. Romero and Miranda told me that I could drink up until the moment I start eating. Also, some doctors recommend not drinking 30-60 min before eating because some people's restriction is affected by hot or cold drinks. I think that cold drinks CAN sometimes give you "extra" restriction. Hot can open you up more. So, if you are a drink-sensitive person, perhaps drinking hot or cold right before a meal will affect how much you eat, which could be bad (or good). Personally hot drinks do open me a little in the morning, which is good for me. I haven't noticed cold drinks doing anything, I eat ice all day and drink ice water all day too, right up until I eat....

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