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2 High Protein foods I have discovered


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I have trouble getting protein so I have been expanding my options- I found these two things and LOVE them!

Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger (veggie burger) at grocery stores

120 calories

4 g fat

4 fiber

11 protein and they are GOOD

Dry Roasted Edamame (soy beans) I got a big jug at Costco for 6$

130 calories

4 g fat

8 g fiber

14 grams of protein

they are good by themselves or could be added into stuff like salads

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Hi had my surgery on July 15 so I cannot have these things yet. But, I was wondering what department did you find the dry roasted edamame. I love those even when you cook them in the microwave.



I didn't realize you could microwave them. How long do you put them in for??

I got them at Costco near the meats....

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