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Anyone Else Have This Problem!

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Hi Everyone

After surgery ( two weeks ago), I had some pain in my stomach which I was told it was normal. Now two weeks later, it feels a little better but I noticed that the main incision is really hard and is the only one that remains sore. anyone else have this problem?

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Guest sdejong

We were told that some people have soreness up to 1 year at their port site but most people loose any muscle pain after a few days. I hope you feel better soon.


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I have that exactly.

The scar tissue in muscles will calcify and it's hard. Gently massaging them will soften it. You might even hear a soft popping underneath. If you get an occasional massage, your massage therapist will call them, 'the crunchies". As long as the skin is healed, go ahead and gently work the hardness out over time.

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