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Calorie question

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I am sorry, I know this has been answered several times, but I am making myself crazy and I trust you all and want some feedback. ;)

I am wondering how many calories they recommend you have after surgery when you get the surgery at OCC? My dietician has me "working up" to 1400 calories. I am almost 3 weeks post op and I am only getting between 750 - 800 a day now. I lost 10 pounds my first 2 weeks and now I am afraid to up the calories (I know, I know, the old dieter is coming back). It is tough because I want to be successful, and I am desperately afraid to not eat enough and to eat too much. Ugh....

I had the "MedGem" test done prior to surgery and based on the results of that test I should be able to lose if I eat less than 1400 calories a day. I am curious though - what did the OCC recommend for calories directly after surgery and after you get on "real" food? Is it a standard plan for everyone, or is it based on results from a "MedGem" test like the one I described?

Please be kind... I know I am crazy when it comes to this stuff. I just want to succeed so badly and I don't want to mess anything up as I have tried so many diets through the years.

I am working on Master's and have been working on my dissertation for several weeks (what's new, right?). Anyway, I find myself obsessing about this lap band and not working so I figured I better ask the question so I can get back to work! ;)

I appreciate everyones feedback! :)

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They don't really tell you a number for calories after surgery. I think most people on here shoot for between 1000-1200 a day on average. Some days I have trouble getting there, though I usually hit 1100 with my "usual" food routine.

If you are worried about once you get off the liquid stage and onto regular food, before your 1st fill, most people gain a few pounds back. Most of us were able to eat just as before banding, before you start having fills. This is totally normal. It's basically willpower before your fill. Either you can eat healthfully and just make good choices until the fills force you to, or you can do what I did (don't!) and go back to your old ways!!! I think a lot of people now book their fill, flight etc... ahead of time or right away so they aren't tempted to do that.

Good luck!


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Yes I was told by Dr. Miranda at the OCC to try to stay under 1200 calories a day. For me so far, since I just got my first fill yesterday, my problem is trying to not overeat. It had been sheer will power for me and I'll admit at times I have not been so great. I pray now for some restriction for even a few days to stay on the right track.

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