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Our War Wounds

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Hi, Happy Saturday Everyone!

I'm one month post op and still tender at some of my incision spots - nothing bad, they're all healing up nicely, but a couple of them have a hard tiny knot - I guess scar tissue? What I want to know from some of you who have been banded longer if those go away / smooth out?

Thanks all you wonderful fellow bandsters!

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I know what you mean! My smaller scars are healing well and fading fast, but my largest incision is rippled and is hard due to scar tissue. I bought some BIO OIL today, which is supposed to help reduce scaring, stretch marks and wrinkles...everything I need all in one bottle!!!LOL!!

I believe they do fade over time, I had my gallbladder out a few years ago and the scars are scattered amongst my new band ones and you can barely see them anymore.

Keep them moisturized and massage out any scar tissue and before you know it they'll be barely visable.


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I have the same thing.

The muscles calcify where they were cut. Once your skin is all healed and slightly shiny, it's fine to massage it out, just like a massage therapist would work out "the crunchies" as they call them.

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I am a licensed massage therapist and after my scars completely healed, I rubbed a little vitamin E oil on them and rolled the scar around between my thumb and forefinger. You can also use 1 finger and make a friction motion against the scar - it helps break up the scar tissue, just like Phoenix said. I'm a little over 2 months post op and my scars are now smooth and you can't feel any scar tissue or lump under them. Just give it time :) Don't use more pressure than you can stand or do anything if it hurts.

The amount of scar tissue is usually pretty tiny (on the 4 smaller incisions) so not much work is required. I'll post a pic of my scars soon.

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