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is it time?

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I am eating the diet that doctor Miranda wanted me to follow, but yet i am hungry between meals. A regular meal is lasting about 2-3 hours before i am hungry again. typically i eat about 3 ounces of chicken and 1/2 serving of vegetable. I lost weight because of this new diet, however if i go back to eating food such as turkey burgers and such, i will gain weight

should i get a third fill?

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If you are losing 1-2 lbs a week then I don't think you need another fill, I would try bumping up the protein to 5oz and 3/4 of vegetables for a week and see if you stay fuller longer, that will only add 100-200 calories to your meals so shouldn't cause any weight gain! Congrats on the progress!!

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I am in the same boat as you. I had my 2nd fill on 6/11 and was fine for the first 3-4 weeks. Since then, I am constantly hungry, at meals, in between meals--especially in the evenings. I am always looking forward to my next meal. Slowly, I have increased my portion size to double what I was eating when I first got the fill. I had been trying to wait it out and see if anything changes, but nothing has, so I scheduled a fill for Tuesday.

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I like this anology:

Putting the band between your stomach and esopagus is like a glass blower "pinching" an hourglass in the middle of a glass.

The size of the space within the "pinch" is adjusted by adding a fill to your band, the more fill you get the smaller the space inside the pinch.

The food you eat is like the "sand" that is able to pass through the pinch... If your don't chew well enough (if the sand is too big) it won't pass through the band.

When your band is filled correctly the food you eat will stack upon itself on top of the band (like sand in the top of an hourglass) till the food stacks high enough that your body signals that you are full.

Again depending on the size of your "pinch" combined with the size of the sand (your chewed up food) derermines the flow of food from the esopagus into the stomach.

Once you lose that full feeling it means that the food has passed through the band into your stomach where the nerves in your stomach tell you body again that you are still full... once the food has been digested and left your stomach you get that feeling of being hungry again.

So if you're not feeling full with the food you are eating your choices are eating more to keep that feeling of fullness in your stomach or getting another fill so that food stays above the pinch so you feel fuller longer.


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Hi there,

You didn't mention how long it's been or how much weight you've lost since your last fill.

If it's only been a few weeks, what MamaMichelle said makes a lot of sense (and she's inspiration enough for all of us!)

But if it's been a while and your stomach tissue is leaner, then it makes perfect sense to get a fill.

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