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Did anyone see Brokk Bates on TLC tonight?

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It will be on again at 11:00 pm EST on TLC.

I was surprised that Brook had lipo before being banded. I had never heard that before.

I see her mom here from time to time and I hope everything is going great for Brook. I saw on the net that her sister got the band as well. I hope she is doing great too.

Brook is in one part of the story meeting with an overweight young girl who was grossly overweight and was giving her support as one young girl to another.

Brook's mom, do you have any information on how the young girl in the show is doing?


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She had it before the band in an attempt to lose weight. I've never heard of using lipo to lose weight.

Giving a 12 year old lipo to lose weight is shocking, but then I think about my 12th year and how horrible it was because of my weight. If lipo and/or banding were available when I was 12 I would do anything in my power to get my parents to let me do it.

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I didn't catch her portion of the show, but I did see the part about Dexter, the overweight teen who went to the Academy of the Sierras - a boarding school for obese teens. He ended up doing pretty well for the amount of time he was there. I'm sure it's EXTREMELY expensive, but I wish I had known about this place when I was in high school!

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