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Hey everyone! I havent been on here enough latley, have a lot going on in my life at the moment.... anyway... i have lost like 2lbs in the past month... :( I have a 10cc band so to get good restriction can take a bit longer, however, I have lost 45lbs without good restriction so I feel like i can keep going without it!!!

I just needed a few tips from you guys!

Has this happend to you? What do you do to get the scale moving again?

I get a gym membership early Sept., so I know that will help. In the mean time its too hot out to go walking when my sch. permits.....

I read one of MamaMichelles posts about pre-packaging her food and Im going to try that.

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone and that you all are succeeding!

Mackenzie ><'

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Hey Mackenzie!

Are you taking a multi-vitamin everyday and drinking lots of water? I found myself slacking in those 2 areas, and once I started that, I lost 2 pounds in 2 days! Just a suggestion, good luck!



ive been slacking as well... thanks for reminding me. :D

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Drink tons of water...I found that right after my surgery I was having a really hard time getting my water in...now I can chug it and I do. Especially after dinner. Eat lots of protein, even if you meal consists of just protein alone...I found that when my day was filled with mostly protein, I lost.

You are doing great, don't get discouraged, maybe your body needs to settle a little before it starts again.

Good Luck!

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yes it is time for a fill!!!! I am scheduled at the end of the month for another fill. During this weight loss journey I want to make sure that I dont just depend on the band to help me lose weight. Ive read that the most successful lap band patients are the ones that can lose weight without the perfect fill.

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Hey girl! Nice to see you posting. :D

I also stalled for the past month and a half. I had to up my protein to start losing again. Get you a fill, up your protein, and drink tons of water.

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