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Fill Dr. in Utah, is this normal?

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This was on a different topic and just wanted to know if this was normal???

thanks Linda


When I went to get my first fill at a Fill Centers USA doctor, he suggested using phentermine after the first year. I was SHOCKED!!! I didn't even know that was legal anymore. Well, he explained that for the first year after having the band, all of the food cravings go away and then do come right back. He said that the phentermine would help the cravings and keep the weight off. Anyway, I did not love that fill doc but don't have too many other options. I am thinking about driving a few hours to the lady doc in Pocatello, Idaho because of my fill experience. It was not the greatest!!! He numbed my stomach and then stuck this great big long needle in and had me hold onto it. He said there are different lengths of needles but he just sticks with one size to keep it simple. Well, I had to hold it as it was hanging out of my stomach quite far and it was bleeding and it was gross. I kept getting dizzy and lightheaded and had to keep laying on the floor(all the while holding the stupid needle in place.) This went on for quite a long time. I had to keep moving around with that stupid needle. From what I have read on others fill posts, it doesn't seem like others had the same kind of experience as I did. Well, I am not normally whimpy like that, but holding that needle in there was totally grossing me out and making me sick to my stomach. Besides, I hadn't eaten for hours and hours and it was hot and at the end of the day. I am scheduling my next fill in the morning for sure and maybe even with a different doc. I really wanted to love my fill doc, but that was not the case at all!!!

I guess we'll see what happens.

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Sorry this original post is not from me..

Just wanted to warn other people about him..

just dosen't sound right to me

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