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A good way to make sure you are getting your water!

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The Chug a Jug Water Bottle

Follow the Rule of 2’s!

The average American drinks approximately 576 cans of soda per year. Help put an end to the over consumption of high calorie, "liquid candy" beverages by using the Chug-a-Jug water bottle! Drink 2 of these 16 ounce jugs of water before 2 pm and 2 more after 2 pm and you will insure that you are getting your recommended amount of water each day while cutting back on soda and other sugary beverages. Made in the USA by Nalgene, our 16 ounce water bottles come in the colors shown plus gray. They make the perfect addition to your weight-loss or nutrition program!



Ordering Information:

To receive a shipping quote

or place your order by phone,

please call:


8am to 8pm, Mon - Fri, EST.

Nalgene bottles are:

- Leak proof

- Extremely durable

- Resistant to staining

- Resistant to retaining odors

- Made with Lexan

- Not dishwasher safe

- Withstands temps from

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That's pretty cool!

OMG MM..I just saw you reached the 170's! That is awesome! :D

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Oh yeah..it's the same for me. I think we just have to be patient now with the slow loss although it sucks!

This is the time I would have given up before, but now that I have my band I know I have to keep going.

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