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Playground Safety for Kids


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I was appalled to watch this video about a small boy whose feet were severly burned at a playground by the rubber mats used. They're supposed to prevent children from seriously injuring themselves if they fall, but they often get scorching hot. I take my nephews and niece to parks all the time and you can bet I'll be making sure their shoes stay on! Unfortunately, they can burn other parts of their body just by touching the mats in any way and because children's skin is much thinner, it only takes seconds to burn. The kid featured in the video had skin literally hanging off of his feet after just stepping onto the mat for a few seconds. I don't know why this bothered me so much, but I felt compelled to post it. You all have such beautiful kids - let's keep them safe!


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Thats crazy!!!! Just wearing shoes isn't enough. What if they fall, then they burn whatever part of their body they fell on!!! And 150 million to replace them? Come one! Rip the crap up and place mulch, how can that cost 150 million?

And hey, I am the first one to say that it is up to the parents to make sure their kids are safe but it is only human nature thats kids go running to the playground as soon as they see one. Plus, what would even make a parent think that this could happen? This is absolutely not something that anyone could know ahead of time.

This is just crazy! And those are some serious burns!

Wow, I am shocked that they don't plan on fixing this situation. It's just crazy!

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