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incision questions

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hiya! i'm on day 5 and i'm just curious about my incisions. they seem to alternate between itching and burning slightly and the yellow from the iodine is finally faded away. it seems like the glue is very thin now and i'm expecting it to start peeling off any day now from the looks of it. when does this usually start to happen? at what point it is okay for the glue to be gone and my incisions to be exposed? any good tips on how to minimize the scars? i'm thinking that once the glue is faded off i'll start applying polysporin to reduce the scarring. any better ideas? should this glue be lasting longer?


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My glue started coming off at about 10 days. You can use any variety of scar creams and it will minimize the scars that you have. I used the stuff from the OCC, but have heard that Moderma works well.

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