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Got my computer back!

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Apparently, mine was hit by lightning, along with several others in the area. THe computer repair shop had tons of repairs for the same thing. I DID have my surge protector on, but it was old. SO UPDATE YOUR SURGE PROTECTORS!!!! I didn't know they can wear out, but they can and should be updated every so often.

So, I lost my mother board and power source but the hard drive was ok so I didn't lose any thing. THANK GOD!!!!! I make a lot of brochures, business cards and posters for different people and organizations so I was very scared of what I could have lost. I usually burn discs and save everything but hadn't done it in a while. So, that will be done tonight!!!

Oh and a tip for anyone interested ~ when I am burning a disc to save all my photographs, I burn two. One I keep in the house, the other I keep at my safe deposit box. In case I have a fire, I still have a copy of my pictures.

So, $538.00 later, I am back up.

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